Warranty Holder Maintenance Record

You must maintain the Covered Vehicle in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule as outlined in the Owner’s Manual. NOTE: Your Owner’s Manual lists different servicing recommendations based on your individual driving habits and climate conditions. You are required to follow the maintenance schedule that applies to your driving habits and climate conditions.

If the covered vehicle manufacturer warranty has expired the engine oil and oil filter change interval must be completed without exception, every 6 months and/or 10,000 kilometres whichever occurs first (regardless of the vehicle manufacturer recommended oil change intervals) from the purchase or lease date of the covered vehicle. All other required maintenance obligations must be in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule.

 All maintenance services must be completed at your own expense at any verifiable licensed service facility of your choice.

 All maintenance services must be completed within 28 days and/or 1000 kilometres of when it is due without an exception.

 Do-it-Yourself oil changes and/or maintenance are not acceptable as proof of maintenance unless you retain and submit copies of all verifiable receipts that show purchase of materials used in vehicle maintenance procedures to us within 28 days from the completion date without an exception.

 You must ensure that the manufacturer’s recommended type, grade and quality of engine oil and fluids are used.

 You must keep all original verifiable maintenance and/or repair(s) receipts and to ensure detail the service centre information, vehicle information, service date, service mileage, services performed and exact oil and fluids specification used are recorded. We reserve the right to see all verifiable maintenance and/or repair receipts before any claims being made here under.

 A copy of all verifiable maintenance service records must be kept by the warranty holder and a copy must be submitted to us within 28 days from the completion date without an exception.

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